Learning Theory Matrix

Well…here we are. I am probably one of the least tech savvy people that I know, but alas I have managed to create a blog. It was actually pretty simple – if I actually managed to do this correctly.

This is all due to an assignment for a class I am currently taking at USA…EDM 510. The assignment was to review the learning theories, create a matrix and then write a blog post about the learning theories and attach the matrix. My first question was of course, what’s a matrix. All that comes to mind for me is Keanu Reeves in a pair of black sunglasses. I mean has technology passed me by so quickly that I missed this mystery matrix? After a little research to find that a matrix is simply a way to put together information – some more elaborate and colorful than others. I was finally ready to do the assignment.

As an education major, learning theories are important to me. These theories give the “how” we learn. As an educator if you are not familiar with these theories and the way one learns then how exactly can you teach? It kind of goes along with the old saying if you don’t know what you stand for you will fall for anything.

I am attaching my matrix – mine is super simple! BUT you should see what some of my more tech savvy classmates have created!!


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